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CONNECTING CENTRAL EASTERN EUROPE determines the undertakings of the CEEgroup: support and development of new residential, occupational, and leisure-time possibilities, cross-linked by a raised level of mobility, in view of the changes in Europe.

The relevant services of the CEEgroup are coordinated by the Austrian headquarters of the company group and supported by the local branches and partner companies in the CEE countries.

The CEEgroup concentrates on SOUTH-EASTERN EUROPE and CENTRAL EUROPEAN REGION (Centrope), and on cross-linking these regions.
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The organisation and focal points of the CEEgroup are based on over one decade of personal CEE experience on the part of our managers and executive staff.
Customer satisfaction is our main objective, defined by quality, sustainability, legal security, cost efficiency, and flexibility regarding the dynamic development in the target region.

A fair partnership with our customers helps us achieve these objectives. The data and information on Central & Eastern Europe under CEE INFO serve this purpose.

CONNECTING CENTRAL EASTERN EUROPE—by services of the CEEgroup in the fields REAL ESTATE, INFRASTRUCTURE, LABOUR MARKET, SALES & DISTRIBUTION—creates new and exciting challenges full of opportunities every day, for you and for us.