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The development in Central & Eastern Europe is changing the European markets, including the labour market.

That is leading to new chances and risks: depending on the sector and region, there is unemployment and manpower shortage.

Politicians have reacted by the enacting the EU Services Directive and implementing national measures.
Connecting people

>> Creating jobs in CEE

>> CEEgroup
In this field, CONNECTING supply and demand across borders is more important than ever. For this purpose, please refer to our JOB OFFERS and online JOB APPLICATION service.

The CEEgroupís local branches in Central & Eastern Europe and its range of services release synergies for the benefit of all parties concerned, especially job-seekers.

Here, too, the major principle of the CEEgroupís staff and partners is flexibility and profound knowledge on the specific circumstances of the sector and region.
CONNECTING the Central & Eastern European labour market means a lot to the CEEgroup